Minicoy, locally known as Maliku, is the southern most islands in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Minicoy is further most from the territorial capital of Kavaratti Island, which is 200 km away to the north of Minicoy. It lies between 8° 15’ to 8° 20’ North and 73° 01’ to 73° 05’ East with an area of 4.4 Sq Km. The attached islet on the Southwest is called ‘Viringli’. It was also known as ‘Small Box Island’.

Location: 8° 15’ to 8° 20’ North Latitude
73° 01’ to 73°05' East Longitude
Temperature: 22.7°C (January), 31.3°C (May)
Area: 4.4 sq. Km.
Attached islets: Viringili, Raggan (Sand bank)
Length: 11.Km (approx)-width about 800m (Widest point)
Local Language: Mahal (Dhivehi) Script “Thaana”
Population: Male:5365+Female:5079=Total 10444(As per 2011census)
Literacy rate: Total 93.55% (As per 2011census)
No. of Mosques: 23
No. of Madrasas: 04
No. of Villages & Village Houses: 11
No. of Villages Jahadhonies: 15
No. of VDP/DP Wards: 11 + 4 (2017)
No. of Embarkation Jetties: WesternSide Jetty(1980), Eastern Side jetty (14-08-2008)
Fisheries Jetty 1
Private Jetties 2 (at Kudehi & Funhilol western side)