The main attraction of the island is its carefully arranged villages, known as Athiris. Each Athiri has its own internal organization headed by a Moopan, around which the life of the community rests. They have their own village house, their own streets, bathing tanks, places of worship and burial. The public clubs for men and women which were the centers of a day night life in olden days are extinct now, but the buildings are still maintained in tact. Another curious remnant of old life in the island is the sheds where profligate men and women were exposed to communal punishment.

The houses, which stand in their own provate enclosures, are arranged in streets. They are kept neat and tidy and reflect the urge of the people for order and colour. All the houses have a swing cot made of wood which is beautifully furnished and painted in different hues. The inhabitants love a profusion of colours, be it on the beautifully engraved tabletops that decorate their drawing rooms or on fishing boats or racing dhonis. One of the handicrafts of the people is boat modeling which is a piece of art painted in different colours.

In Minicoy there are 10 villages in the island. They are (from south to north) listed as below.

Sl.No Name of Village Village’s Color
1. Bada Green
2. Aoumagu. Blue
3. Boduathiri Yellow
4. Rammed Yellow
5. Sedivalu White
6. Aloodi Orange
7. Funhilol Yellow
8. Kudhehi Sky blue
9. Falessery Red
10. Kendiparty

Each village is headed by a Bodukaka (big brother) and a Bodudatha (Big Sister) assisted by a 2nd Bodukaka and a 2nd bodudatha. First Bodukaka looks after the internal matters of the village and 2nd Bodukaka the external affairs.

Each village has a village house where ‘baemedu’ (assemblage of villagesrs) is held. The assemblae of people from all the villages is known as ‘havaru’. As source of income a avillage has fishing boats, country crafts and cocounut trees. Common feasts are conducted at the village house during the celebrations of Eid and other festive occasions. The folk dances of Minicoy are ‘Lava’, Thaara’, ‘Dandi’, ‘Fuli’ and ‘Bandiya’. Colourful and elegant race boat known as ‘Jahadhoni’ used for race, reception of dignitaries and for annual picnic to Viringili/Raggan.

Village (Dweep) Panchayat, Minicoy

As per the provisions of Lakshadweep Panchayats Regulation, 1994 a Village (Dweep) Panchayat was constituted in Minicoy Island on 19th Dec,1997. The Election to the first Panchayat was held on 14th Dec,1997. There are ten wards for the Village (Dweep) Panchayat in Minicoy. 30% of the seats in the Panchayat are reserved for women.

The Present Panchayat is the second body in the island. It came into being on 23rd Dec,2002


Section of Lakshadweep Panchayats Regulation, 1994 details the provisions for distribution of seats as per the population of the Island. Where the population is not less than six thousand but not more than ten thousand the number of seats shall be ten. Minicoy Island has a population of 9495. Accordingly the island has been divided into ten wards. 30% of representation is reserved for women. The wards reserved for women are determined by rotation. The Panchayat at present has a number of 4 lady members. The tenure of Panchayat is 5 years from the date of its constitution.

The Panchayat is headed by a Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson, who is also elected from amongst the elected members of the Village (Dweep) Panchayat looks after the duties of the Chairperson in his absence.

Present Panchayat:

The following are the Members of the present Panchayat.

Sl.No Name of the Member Ward No Party Affiliation
1. Shri. Ibrahim Manikfan Olhlhudhugothi Ward 1 (NCP)
2. Smt. Aysha Gandeege (NCP- elected unopposed) Ward 2 (NCP)
3. Smt. Aysha Faithilagothi Ward 3 (INC)
4. Shri. Ali Kunnuganduge Ward 4 (INC)
5. Shri. Mohammed Donfathige Ward 5 (Independent)
6. Dr. Abdul Munee. M Ward 6 (Independent)
7. Shri. Hussain Hussainbavage Ward 7 (INC)
8. Shri. Shamsudheen Areppaligothi Ward 8 (INC)
9. Shri. Hussain Manikfan.A.E Ward 9 (INC)
10. Smt. Amina Alibebege Ward 10 (INC)
11. Smt. Amina Nakathorige Ward 11 (NCP)


The Village(Dweep)Panchayat implement various developmental schemes transferred by the Administration along with staff and funds as well as schemes evolved by itself

Dept. Schemes:

    • Registration of Births & Deaths
    • Public Health Activities
    • Food Adulteration
    • Fashioning of goat rearing system to suit the eco system
    • Poultry Development
    • Cattle/Buffalo Development (Integrated Cattle Development)
    • Animal Health Coverage and Disease Control
    • Horticulture Development
    • Olericulture Development
    • Manure and Fertilizers
    • Integrated Plant Protection
    • Agril extension Service & Strengthening Department activities
    • Floriculture and Orchid Development
    • Agricultural Marketing and processing
    • Scientific management of bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes
    • Social Security and Welfare
    • Aid to women welfare Organizations
    • Deep Sea fisheries and Development of Shark fishing
    • Mechanisation and improvement of fishing crafts
    • Water Supply programme
    • Imparting training in Type Writing
    • Incentive aid to local ST Candidates seeking employment

Own Schemes:

  • Jaggery and Vinegar Making
  • Meera Tapping ( Meera is the sweet toddy obtained from coconut trees by which jaggery and vinegar is made)
  • Tailoring and Dress Making