In the year 1963 the building was established as Sub Treasury office, inaugurated by Smt. Maragatham Chandrasekhar, the then Hon’ ble Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs on 28.12.1963 (7th PAUSA, 1885). To represent the administrator in different islands various arrangements were made from time to time. At first the Authorized officer was designated, later it changed to Tehsildar, then to Sub divisional Officer and Deputy Collector since 1978.

Executive: Being the envoy of the Administrator he functions as the head of the Island Administration. He has over all control over all administrative Departments in the Island. The developmental activities of the administration are being implemented with people participation. He coordinates and over see the entire administrative machinery of the Island carefully and judicially. He represents the administrator on days of national importance.

Legislatives: Though there is a ten members Village (Dweep) Panchayat having a chairperson to enact laws pertaining to Island administration, the Deputy Collector has got some special rights over their decisions. He also monitors their activities carefully and maintains a balance.

Judicial: The Deputy Collector is the Executive Magistrate of the island. In case of emergency he issues order for maintenance of law and order. The local police, the special armed police etc. are under his command. He also settles disputes which may cause the breach of peace in the island.

This office is the Heart of all the offices under Lakshadweep Administration in the Island.

The office building holds many Departments under one roof, they are:

  • General Administration
  • Revenue Section
  • Tourism
  • NIC

List of Former Deputy Collectors at Minicoy Island, U T of Lakshadweep

1. Shri. M. Siva Subramannian 26.07.1978 02.06.1983
2. Shri. P.S Subramannian 31.10.1984 02.01.1985
3. Shri. Balakrishnan 03.01.1985 25.10.1987
4. Shri. K Ashokan 26.10.1987 10.08.1989
5. Shri. K.P Rajashekharan Pillai 10.02.1992 26.07.1994
6. Shri. M.K Muthukoya 16.11.1994 27.12.1995
7. Shri. Mussawwir Ali [UTCS] 28.12.1995 19.12.1997
8. Shri. D. Verma [UTCS] 20.12.1997 27.08.1999
9. Shri. M.A Ashraf [UTCS] 28.08.1999 22.06.2002
10. Shri. K.C Surender [UTCS] 10.03.2003 09.02.2004
11. Shri. V.K Tripathi [UTCS] 18.02.2004 25.05.2004
12. Shri. M. K Dwivedi [UTCS] 24.01.2005 07.01.2006
13. Shri. Lal Singh [UTCS] 11.12.2006 10.12.2007
14. Shri. Praveshvarja [UTCS] 14.02.2007 18.12.2007
15. Shri. R.K Meena [UTCS] 19.12.2007 26.04.2010
16. Shri. Rajanish Kumar Singh 27.04.2010 28.03.2011
17. Shri. Anoop Takur 05.04.2011 31.05.2013
18. Shri. Ramachandra.M. Shingare 10.06.2013 01.04.2015
19. Shri. Jatin Goyal 15.05.2015 15.05.2016
20. Shri.Puneet Kumar Patel 16.05.2016 15.05.2018
21. Shri. Vinod Kumar Yadav 16.05.2018 28.07.2018
22. Dr. Athul Pandey 13.08.2018 17.02.2019
23. Shri. Kapil Choudhary 18.02.2019 02.02.2019
24. Shri. Pradeep Kumar 11.08.2019 22.02.2021
25. Dr. Shrikant tapdiya 22.02.2021
Contact Details: DC minicoy
Email : lk-dcmini[at]nic[dot]in
Phone: 04892-222243