Agriculture unit was established in order to demonstrate various farming activities among the local farmers to keep the farmers abreast with new technologies in Agricultural fields. Training programs on production/protection oriented farming activities, campaigns, seminars are conducted every year. The farmers were supplied with Agricultural inputs at 50% subsidized cost.

The Department distributes quality planting materials, implements, fertilizers etc. to the local farmers at subsidized cost. Demonstration on improved cultural, manorial and intercropping aspects of coconut cultivation, control of pests and diseases, maintenance of Vegetable gardens and conduct of trials on various crops suited to the soil. Pesticides are distributed free of cost and the fertilizers, implements, seedlings are distributed at subsidized rate. General extension work such as home to home visits, conduct of seminars and farmers training programs are undertaken by the department.

Dept. of Agriculture implemented the scheme Per Drop More Crop for School student for every year. In this scheme 15 school students were selected in the class IX & X and conducted a quiz competition which held in the Govt. Senior Secondary School, Minicoy & winning student were awarded with cash prize Rs.1500/- (First), Rs.1000/- (Second) & Rs.500/- (Third) respectively.

Agriculture Dept. distributed fruit plant for implementation of Mini Fruit Gardens. In this scheme 14 beneficiaries were selected and distributed fruit plants @ 25% to the beneficiaries & Local farmers to development of Fruit gardens. Agriculture Demonstration Unit, Minicoy distributed Mini Kit seed to 54 beneficiaries for establishment of Kitchen/ Nutrition garden to support the farmer to their farming skill and also providing financial assistance to Virgin Coconut Oil Production Unit. During the Ockhi Cyclone 13226 palms were fallen, as compensation Dept of Agriculture provided Rs.1000/- per palms & also supplied Tarpaulin to 77 beneficiaries which their houses were severely damaged. This Unit has carried out the control measures on hairy catter piller effected areas.

Aims and objectives:

  1. Implementation of departmental schemes: The Unit is the primary organization for implementing national and departmental schemes related to Agriculture sector. The skilled and unskilled laboures for various departmental schemes are provided by the panchayat based on the guidelines provided by the Department of Agriculture.
  2. Identification of beneficiaries, data collection and formation of beneficiary list: A steering committee will be formed for each beneficiary scheme including Chairperson – VDP, DP Members and the officer in charge of AD unit for the proper monitoring and analysis of deserving beneficiaries.
  3. Capacity building for farmers by training and demonstrations: Technical knowhow and farming practices ad introduced to the beneficiaries through several training sessions and demonstrations.
  4. Monitoring and review meeting: Various schemes will be monitored by the AD unit for follow up and further data collection to find out success and short comings of implementation.
  5. Technical support for institutions and publics in matters related to agriculture.
  6. Supply of seeds, seedlings, manures, biological pesticides, farm implements etc for farmers and publics.
  7. Sales of various farm – produces like fruits, vegetables and mushrooms for publics.


  1. Financial Assistance for Fruit Growers.
  2. Honoring of Farmers.
  3. Implementation of Scheme Per Drops More Crop for School Students.
  4. Control of Hairy Caterpillar.
  5. Financial Assistant for roof top Gardening.
  6. Selection of Best Farmer-Island level.
  7. Financial assistant for Virgin coconut oil production.
  8. Financial assistant for coconut extraction unit.
  9. Control of whiteflies.
  10. Farmer Cluster & Training Programme.
  11. The following items were produced during the past 3 years.
    • Amaranthus , Cowpea, Ash gourd , Sweet Potato, Brinjal, Raddish , Chilli, Kannan , Curryl leaf, Kadali , Little gourd, Poovan , Ridge gourd, Mysore , Bhindi, Mannan , Pumpkin, Custud Apple , Snake gourd, Papaya , Bottle gourd, Coconut , Cucumber, Coconut micro , Drumstick, Tender Coconut Big , Tomato, Jaggery , Bitter Gourd, Vinegar , Mushroom, Neera , Sword beens,

Developmental Activities:

  • Coconut Development Programme (Neera Tapping, Coconut Harvesting)
  • Horticulture Development Programme (Extension cultivation)
  • Livelyhood Support Service Scheme (Mushroom Cultivation)
  • Integrated Pest and Diseace Management
  • Organic Certification Programme

Contact Details: K.K KUNHI KOYA
Agricultural Demonstration Unit
Email : agrimincioy[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone: 04892-222253