Aim and Objectives:

  • To explore the vast treasure of Tourism of Lakshadweep and to make Lakshadweep one of the leading destination in the world map.
  • To make Lakshadweep an eco-friendly destination based on the quality not the quantity of tourists and to keep marine life and corals untouched and undisturbed.


  • SPORTS is able to gibe employment to more than 700 local populations directly and indirectly. The economy on Lakshadweep benefits in many ways, we have in minicoy 12 deluxe rooms and 10 standard rooms with a water sports and dive centre. As there is no air connectivity tourists arrives by ship for a one day visit to minicoy in samudram package after visiting other two islands, for stay and we arrives through swaying palm package by ship, we have 50 % occupancy in tourists resort minicoy and we have conducted dive courses for the selected local candidates sponsored by department of tourism based on their qualification and interest, we are giving introduction dive to school candidates also, we participated in all cleaning campaigns in minicoy, we expose the tradition and culture of the minicoy island to the tourist and promote the tourism without disturbing the eco system.
  • No. of Tourist accommodation (Govt)
    • Huts - 22 Nos (1 Gym)
  • Tourist inflow (2019-2020)
    • Indian - 3924
    • Foreign - 38
    • Total - 3962
  • Revenue collection (2019-20) (In lakh) - 2173799.00