The Lighthouse in Minicoy Island was established in the year 1885 by the British Government for safe sea faring of Mariners. The arrival of Portuguese in the Indian sea in 15th century added to the importance of the islands. In the 18th century there were four ship wrecks on the coral reefs of Minicoy Island.

Although India attained her Independence on 15th August 1947 the British Government did not transfer the administration of Light house till April 1956. The De-jure transfer of Administration to the Government of India has to wait further till 19th September 1963. And the Indian national flag was hoisted on the Light house on 2nd April 1956. Now it is under the Ministry of Shipping, Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships, Regional Office. Another Lighthouse at the North end of Minicoy Island was commissioned on 19th November 2008.


1. Location Lat 8 º 16 N
Long 73 º 01 E
2. Manufacturer BBT Paris
3. Energy source Main - Local mains
Standby - DG Set
4. Speed of Revolution 4/3 RPM
5. Character FL (15) White (0.66 + 14.34)
6. Focal distance 460 mm
7. Size of Optic 920 mm
8. No. of Panels 3 Nos
9. Illuminant Main - 150 W(Lamp 4Nos), 230 V Metal Halide lamp
10. Effective Beam intensity 3,32,15,773 Candellas
11. Divergence 5 º 18 Horizontal , 4º 58 Vertical
12. Range of visibility 40 N Miles
13. Height of the Tower 49.5 M
14. Elevation M. S. L 47 M
15. Date of Commissioning First Order Opti, Light house in 02nd Feb. 1885


1. Transmitter make NAUTEL USA
2. Equipment SLF 30091
3. DGPS Equipment Elcome Integrity Pvt Ltd Cochin
4. Output Frequency 306 Khz
5. Power output 500 W
6. Range 500 Km
7. Date of Installation March 23 rd 2018

Navigational Aids:

  1. Main Lighthouse (South) established in 1885.
  2. North End Lighthouse commissioned in 2008.
  3. RACON (Radar transponder) installed in 1985.
  4. DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) installed in 23rd march2018.


  • Regular Employees: 3 Nos
  • Conract Eployees: 5 Nos
1. Sujit Varghese Navigational Assistant (Grade-II)
2. Punna Chandan Navigational Assistant (Grade-III)
3. S. Abdul Rasheed Lighthouse Attendant
Contact Details: Sujit Varghese
Assistant Engineer (Electronics)
Lighthouse & DGPS Station, Minicoy
Phone : 04892-222264, 8547951206