Aim and Objectives:

  • ALHW is a central govt. Department under Ministry of Ports, Shipping and water ways for the port development scheme like construction of Jetties, Wharves, Dredging channel and fore shore facilities like passenger hall cargo shed, PCT Port office etc.


  • Steel Repair works of Dumb barge 75 MT DB I completed and handed over to Port dept.
  • Fabrication of Dumb barge 75 MT DB II and ready for launching.
  • Manor Timber repair work of Wooden boats 3 boats completed except erecting Engine.
  • Routine repair works Jetties and building attending regularly.
  • New Ticket counter in Passenger hall west side completed and opened.
  • 2 Nos new Twine point mooring bouy for tying barges and boats installed in west lagoon.
  • Mooring and de mooring of ships called at Minicoy attending regularly
  • 12 Nos Channel marker bouys high dencity polythene bouys procured and installed in Salumagu and Kandimagu channel.
  • 3 Nos High mast light procured and erected.
  • Providing Pneumatic fenders at Berthing face of Eastern Side Jetty - Fabrication work in factory of agency at Mainland is nearing completion, for transportation to island awaiting service of sailing Vessel/manju from Mangalore.


Sl.No Posts No. of Employees
1. Assistant Engineer(Civil) 1
2. Junior Engineer (Civil) 1
3. Operator Gr.I (W.C.Estt) 1
Contact Details: UDAYAKUMAR
Email : ae.lhwmcy[at]gmail[dot]com
Minicoy, U.T of Lakshadweep