Aim and Objectives:

  • Nodal agency for ICT in UTLA.
  • Infrastructure provider, with internet & Intranet, for UTLA and maintain user level hardware.
  • Nodal agency, advisory services and PMU support for eGovernance projects.
  • Technology demonstrations – GeM, eOffice, Wireless Network for Digital Payments etc.
  • Creation of IT awareness, skills and basic capacity building.


Name of the project / work Physical Details Beneficiary Details Other Details
Connectivity SWAN, ERNET Government Captive VSAT network on C-Bank through ERNET
ICT maintenance Government Nodal agency for ICT in UTLA)
Bandwidth Enhancement Government Current 318 Mbps bandwidth provided by BSNL is set to become 1.71 bps by March 2021

Internet Facility

  • A 2 Mbps link is via BSNL connected to Cochin for Internet services. This is shared by all SWAN users.
  • A 5 Mbps link to Bengaluru for internet access through ERNET VSAT.
  • A total of 35 offices including two CSCs connected to LAN. Most of the officers are connected using non exchange copper lines provided by BSNL.
  • A 2 Mbps link is used to connect Kavaratti for intranet traffic. The link is provided by BSNL
Contact Details: MOHAMMED KHASIM M.M
Email : aeit[dot]mcy[at]nic[dot]in
Phone No:04892-223302
Minicoy, U.T of Lakshadweep